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Clients & Testimonials


Argenta works with a wide variety of companies of differing sizes and geographic locations. Some examples of current and recent clients are listed below.

  • Genentech (South San Francisco, USA)

    Argenta has been working with Genentech continuously since 2005. Over the course of more than half-a-dozen major drug discovery programmes, scientists from Argenta and Genentech have been applying their expertise across the full range of pre-clinical drug discovery activities to discover NCEs acting against undisclosed drug targets. Since the inception of its collaboration with Genentech, Argenta has contributed to the discovery of four clinical candidates that are currently in Phase I trials.

  • Janssen Pharmaceutica (Belgium)

    As part of a fully integrated drug discovery service agreement, Argenta is applying its capabilities in medicinal chemistry, CADD, target validation, molecular biology, assay development and screening, biomarker development, structural biology (including fragment-based drug discovery), ADME/PK and pharmaceutical sciences in support of a number of Janssen oncology projects with the aim of delivering novel cancer drug candidates. Argenta is performing hit-to-lead, lead optimization and additional activities up to pre-clinical candidate selection. This is a multi-year, multi-target collaboration with the initial phase covering a five-year period.

  • Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany)

    Under the terms of its collaboration agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim, Argenta is applying its extensive respiratory drug discovery services to an undisclosed target within Boehringer Ingelheim’s respiratory disease portfolio.

  • Pulmagen Therapeutics (Slough, UK)

    Building on its excellent reputation in respiratory diseases, Argenta is providing medicinal chemistry, CADD, biology, ADME/PK, process chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacology services to Pulmagen with the aim of bringing two respiratory projects to pre-clinical candidate status. The deal with Argenta is part of a discovery and development collaboration that Pulmagen has established with Chiesi Farmaceutici. The purpose of the discovery programmes is to identify new compounds with anti-inflammatory potential to be developed for respiratory conditions characterised by a high unmet medical need such as COPD and cystic fibrosis.

  • ANTABIO (Labège, France)

    Argenta is collaborating with ANTABIO in the identification of novel anti-bacterial agents. The collaboration is funded by a Wellcome Trust Seeding Drug Discovery award. Argenta is providing medicinal chemistry, computer-aided drug design and ADME/PK services, together with its integrated drug discovery expertise, with the objective of discovering a development candidate that can be progressed into clinical trials.

  • Cambridge University (Cambridge,UK)

    Researchers in Professor Peter McNaughton's laboratory at the University of Cambridge have discovered that both inflammatory and neuropathic pain are abolished in mice when a specific ion channel is genetically deleted. This suggests that drugs blocking this ion channel will have value as novel analgesics. Argenta is supplying medicinal chemistry, computer-aided drug discovery, in vitro ADME/PK and safety services, and its integrated drug discovery expertise to assist the Cambridge group in discovering a candidate compound suitable for progression into clinical studies. The collaboration is funded by a Seeding Drug Discovery Award from the Wellcome Trust.

  • Pcovery (Copenhagen, Denmark)

    Argenta and Pcovery are collaborating on an anti-fungal project funded by a Wellcome Trust Seeding Drug Discovery award. Argenta is providing medicinal chemistry and computer-aided drug design services, together with its integrated drug discovery expertise, to assist Pcovery in the identification of novel anti-fungal agents with the aim of discovering a development candidate that can be progressed into clinical trials.

  • Corcept Therapeutics (Menlo Park, CA, USA)

    Corcept and Argenta collaborated over a number of years to discover novel antagonists of the glucocorticoid receptor for the treatment of Cushing's syndrome, psychotic depression and metabolic diseases. Using its capabilities in medicinal chemistry, CADD, assay development and screening, ADME/PK, process chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences, Argenta delivered three distinct patented series, and a first development candidate, CORT108297. In animal models, CORT108297 has demonstrated the ability to prevent and reverse weight gain caused by treatment with multiple anti-psychotic drug regimens. More recently, CORT108297 has progressed into Phase II trials.

  • Zafgen (Cambridge, USA)

    Scientists from the two companies utilised Argenta's expertise in medicinal chemistry, CADD, biochemistry, in vitro screening, ADME/PK, process chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences to accelerate development candidate nomination for one of Zafgen's innovative therapeutics programmes for obesity.

  • CellCentric(Cambridge, UK)

    Under the terms of the agreement with CellCentric, scientists from the two companies have exploited Argenta's expertise in virtual screening, molecular biology, biochemical assay development, target validation, in vitro screening and medicinal chemistry to discover inhibitors for a number of potential epigenetic-related therapeutic targets.


Argenta has made a major contribution to our discovery program. We surveyed many possibilities for partnering our medicinal chemistry including groups in Europe, China, and India, and chose Argenta for the quality of their proposal, the calibre of their leadership, and the cost-effectiveness of their work. As a more virtual company we really rely on our partners for input and direction. Their extensive pharmaceutical industry experience has proven to be invaluable to moving our program forward. They have allowed us to integrate most of our discovery efforts – including chemistry, biology and ADME - under one roof, resulting in very efficient data turnaround and speedy decision making. They have hit all of the project milestones on time or ahead of schedule. I couldn’t imagine we would be as far along if we partnered with anyone else.
We chose to work with Argenta on our collaborative drug discovery programme as from our first meeting they demonstrated attention to scientific detail, were extremely pro-active in assessing opportunities, and turned proposals around quickly. As the collaboration developed, the overriding sense was that Argenta consistently delivered, in terms of overcoming chemistry challenges to allow delivery of final compounds, in highlighting druggability issues with compounds, and in designing and synthesising new targets to test and overcome these issues. The team was extremely professional in its approach, very pragmatic with regard to drug discovery, and productive. The interpersonal aspects of the relationship were excellent, and it was an extremely enjoyable, as well as productive collaboration. Argenta's strapline is innovation..., expertise..., delivered, and I think this summarises very well the strengths of Argenta, and the value which we derived from working with them.
Argenta Discovery has been a terrific partner in every facet of our discovery chemistry work. They did careful, creative work on time and on budget. In addition to having great bench chemists, their business process emphasizes clear and continuous communication, which was helpful at every stage. In our specific case, they solved a chemistry problem that had stumped many large companies and led to three patented series of new chemical entities. I cannot imagine a better vendor!
I have had the pleasure of working with Argenta as part of a drug discovery research collaboration. The project entails complex synthetic chemistry and molecular modeling, and involves the need for a wide range of pharmacology and ADME assays/models. Argenta not only brought these capabilities under one roof but also brought a level of expertise, understanding, reliability and professionalism that has permitted rapid progress toward our goals. After working at both big pharma and with biotech, I can attest that the experience with Argenta offers the best of both.